A creative soul learning how to maintain inspiration despite living with chronic pain. Hoping to inspire others through bits and pieces of my life's narrative and through sharing my artistic endeavors, past and present.

This has been a really busy but great week! It was mine and my husband’s 1 year anniversary on Monday, I’ve made a bit of progress on brainstorming booth display ideas for my upcoming show, and I am happy to say that things have picked up even more around here commission wise! I just finished a 2 hat commission that an incredibly sweet lady named Cathy ordered for her brother who is fighting cancer. I made 2 cotton skater beanies for him, one “serious” and one “whimsical”. With the serious one she told me that he liked earth colors and for the whimsical one she wanted me to make him a fun dready hat. She wanted these to not only help keep his head warm and stylish while under going treatment but also to bring him a little joy and to be a little symbol of her love and support.

I used a cotton yarn and a soft microfiber variegated yarn on the earth tone beanie. For the dready hat, I used a black cotton yarn and for the dreads I used a soft, thick acrylic blend yarn. The dreads have an amazingly real look and feel to them! The dready hat was quite the project undertaking, I made the hat and then made each dread separately then sewing them on one at a time. It took me close to 12 hours to make but I think that it turned out pretty cool! These hats were not just stitched with yarn but with love and prayers of healing for her brother, I was really moved by Cathy and her brother and was very humbled and honored to have been asked to make these 2 hats…

I wrapped the hats up in colorful tissue paper and ribbon,  included a handwritten note with Cathy’s words to her brother and am mailing these off today, hoping that he loves them.

After posting pics of these crochet skater beanies on Facebook last night, I was pleasantly surprised by the responses that I received! I have now been commissioned to make a couple of these for a guy friend of mine and will possibly making another one of these for another friend!

I have also been staying extremely busy trying to get  ready for the upcoming show on May 5th. I’ve been trying to build more stock as well as brainstorm on how I will set up my booth and display all of my creations. I’ve got so much left to do and am constantly fighting off feelings of anxiousness, I feel like I need 2 of me! I will dedicate a post solely to the show when I have more knowledge  of how the displays, signs, price tags , and items will look together. I still have to create them yet too!

So  for now, here are a few pics of the crochet skater beanies and also some cotton eco friendly face scrubbies that I’m making. I have also thrown in a wedding pic in honor of our anniversary and a YouTube link to our amazing wedding video that our dear friends at Layden Films created for us!  I hope that you all have been wonderful and I thank each of you for your comments and please know how much I enjoy reading them all. I apologize for not personally responding as I normally do but please know that your words are much appreciated!

I hope you all have an awesome Easter weekend!

Earth -Tone Cotton Crochet Men's Skater Beanie

View from the top

My black soft satin labels that I had made. I can now sign my work

Salt and Pepper Men's Dready Beanie

View from the back

Our before the wedding shot

Just married


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Comments on: "Wedding Anniversaries, Commissions, and Craft Shows- Oh My!" (6)

  1. I want a dready-beanie!

  2. Karen, Your wedding was awesome! Loved all the twinkly lights and the candles… and the music style took me right back to when Bob and I were teens. Thank you for sharing this!

    ~ Lynda
    PS: Was kinda wondering where you were, glad to know you’ve been celebrating and just busy!

  3. What a beautiful couple! Craven your works look as if they were completed by a machine they are so smooth, but a machine with as big a heart as Texas. The label is great and I am sure that everything that needs to be done will be done well. I am so happy that the more creative life that you wanted is there for you. Love the hats…!! Terri :)

  4. Your hats are wonderful. And I have no doubt, being handmade, there is lots of love crocheted among the stitches. Congrats on your first anniversary too … I hope it is the first of many, many more to come. Happy Easter to you and your new husband.

  5. I love the hats… and what a beautiful, free-spirited wedding. I loved it!! It reminded me of weddings in the 60’s… so cool! Life is good, eh?

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