A creative soul learning how to maintain inspiration despite living with chronic pain. Hoping to inspire others through bits and pieces of my life's narrative and through sharing my artistic endeavors, past and present.

The Power of Love….

As many are celebrating Valentines Day with their special someones today, I am so very blessed and grateful to be celebrating 9 years with my best friend and love of my life… This day, 9 years ago, was when both of our lives would change forevermore, when fate stepped in and our hearts collided…

I was working at Bennigan’s at the time. I was pretty bummed to be spending yet another Valentine’s Day alone… One of the assistant managers at work mentioned that a group was going to check out the Dirty Dozen Brass Band show playing downtown that evening and I was extended an invite to go. I was torn on what to do and whether to splurge on a ticket for the show or not, so I replied with a “thanks” and “maybe”. Now don’t get me wrong, the DDBB is an incredible band and for those of you who have never heard them, you should most definitely check them out, I was just feeling really sorry for myself that particular V-day and wasn’t sure if I really wanted to spend my night out in public.

Image obtained from keytotherockies.com

Upon getting off work and going home I made tentative plans with a friend just to hang out at my house and watch a movie, but suddenly I started to get this overwhelming feeling that I needed to go to the DDBB show and I quickly began to change plans. Was it God intervening? Fate having its way? I can’t say for sure but one thing that I do know is it was that last minute decision and change of plan that would change the course of my life from that night on….

I still remember the exact moment that I saw my future husband at the show. I remember when he walked by me with a group of friends and our eyes met and locked for a few moments. I remember thinking how handsome and perfect he was, like God had created him just for me.   I remember trying to get the nerve up to walk over to him wondering what I would say.  I remember that I read the back of his shirt he was wearing (Hot Water Music, a band) and noticed that on the back of his shirt was a flame, just as there was a flame on the front of my shirt. I also noticed that it said Gainesville, Florida (where the band is from) and Florida is where I am from. In my head these were all signs from above to proceed forward, throwing caution and possible embarrassment into the wind. So I walked right up to him and tapped him on the shoulder…

I began to comment on his shirt, sharing with him everything that I had already gone over in my head, the similarities of our shirts’ graphics and the coincidence of Florida (I know, cheesy) and it was then that he dropped the bomb that he knew who I was! It turns out we had met a few years back in my then apartment complex, he told me his name(he has a very unique name) and my mouth dropped. I am almost 4 years older than him, so when we met the first time he was only 19 and I was 23,  at this meeting he was 23 and I was 27. The timing wasn’t right the first time we met, there was definite attraction but it wasn’t yet our time. This Valentine’s Day 9 years ago today, was the right time. From that night on we pretty much spent everyday together, the bond was forming quickly and steadily.

We had only been together for about a year and a half before my accident happened, many men would have bolted, my man didn’t.  Since the accident our bond has just grown stronger and stronger with each passing year, our love has flourished. The vows for better or for worse were being kept long before we actually exchanged them in a wedding ceremony(April 2nd of last year). I am so grateful for this man that God blessed me with , a man with so much love and  loyalty to share with me and me with him.  I am not the only one who suffers the consequences of the accident, but my best friend, my love of my life, my husband has been there for me in every way possible since, I don’t know what I ever would have done without him…

On this Valentine’s day, on the 9th anniversary of our (re)meeting, I will bask in just how grateful and lucky I am to have found my soul mate,  that I made the last minute decision that I did 9 years ago today. I think I will listen to some Dirty Dozen Brass Band now…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone…


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Comments on: "The Power of Love…." (10)

  1. What a beautiful story of love and companionship. Isn’t it wonderful when we listen to our “inner voice”?

  2. trowbridgemarvin1949 said:

    Lasting relationships are no accident: http://wp.me/2cPNL

  3. Hey Karen…beautifully said on Valentines Day and your anniversary too! didnt get to see Reed over the weekend…we got blasted with a winter snow storm and I didnt want to chance driving an hour and not making it back home..I am officially done working as of yesterday…SUCH FREEDOM..today is my first full day of not having to work and it hit me when I decided to make brownies late this morning after vacuuming the entire house…Hey, I can make these brownies now and I DONT have to report anywhere TODAY..besides my car is in the shop for a transmission fluid change so I had no wheels but SO FAR, loving it! By the way, where can I buy that yarn for the necklaces..I found the one skein I had and want to get other colors etc..

  4. Such a heart warming story to hear on Valentine’s Day. Your husband sounds like a definite keeper. Mine is a keeper too. We have been married 20 years this year.:)

  5. Oh Karen, I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you have your knight. Some men make up for the jerks in this world and we have two of them. How blessed are we?

    I’d like it if you would share with me personally or here more about your accident, if you can, and what it has done to you and your life. I’d like to know you better. And you would help others see what a life altering thing it can be. But no consequence what so ever if this is not something you want to talk/write about. Just as long as you know I care very much.

    It had occurred to me that I not finished your reading your blog and I found this lovely share.

    God bless you and your hubs. I’ll see you on the flip side, email.

    • I am very blessed and lucky and am so glad to hear that you are the same Toni. I met a lot of jerks before my man but I think it probably made it all the sweeter once I finally met my match :)
      I have taken note of your additional comments about sharing more and I will start to do that a little more often, in fact I did so a little today in my newest post :) Thank you for your friendship and for your encouraging words, it means a lot…

      • Back at you Karen. we who find kindred souls in one another find friends for life.
        Thank you sweetie for your support, encouragement and faith that what I’m saying will touch.

        I’m on my way to your new post.

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